Don Quijote is a popular discount store chain in Japan. It offers a wide array of goods, from groceries, cosmetics, electronics, and clothing, to household items. Don Quijote stores stay open late, making them a convenient one-stop-shop. The chain is also known as "Donki" and often recognized for its distinctive penguin logo.

With the Don Quijote Coupon, customers are able to get up to 15% off discount. This offer is applicable to all payment methods and credit cards.



Don Quijote Coupon Information

  • Enjoy up to 10% tax free + 5% discount for purchases over 10,000 yen (excluding tax), applicable to all payment methods
  • Japanese who are living abroad and returning to Japan temporarily can also use it if they qualify for tax exemption!
  • Eligible stores: Don Quijote, APITA, and PIAGO Stores in Japan (Excluding some stores)
  • The coupon does not apply to items such as Liquor, cigarettes, POSA card, one item priced more than 100,000 yen (before tax)

  • In Chinese: 只要购物金额满 10,000日元(不含税)即可享受最高 10%的免税 + 5% 的折扣 (不含税), 不限付款方式, 折扣无上限
  • 符合免税条件的"旅居國外临时回国的日本人"也可以使用!
  • 适用店铺:日本国内 唐吉诃德店铺、APITA、PIAGO(部分店铺除外)
  • 不符合折扣条件的商品:酒类、香烟、POSA卡、单价10万日元(不含税)以上的商品等。

How To Use It

Don Quijote coupons are one-time use, and your mobile phone needs to be connected to the Internet to obtain the coupons:

(1) Step 1: First, click here go to Coupon Website >>
(2) Step 2: Scroll down and click on this picture:
(3) Step 3: Once clicked, a one-time use barcode will be displayed, please present it to the cashier staff, done!


How to Use In Chinese:

(1) 步骤1: 首先,按此连结领取专属优惠券
(2) 步骤2: 接着下拉至画面下方,点击这张图片
(3) 步骤3: 出示领取到的 条码1 给结帐人员,如以下画面


About Don Quijote

Don Quijote, also known as "Donki," is a go-to shopping destination for tourists in Japan. This popular discount chain store offers a wide variety of items from electronics to cosmetics and local souvenirs. With its late opening hours and no payment method restrictions, plus tax-free shopping over 10,000 yen, it provides a convenient and budget-friendly shopping experience.


Don Quijote Store Information

Don Quijote has 582 stores in Japan.

Check the link below for more details.


Don Quijote Production Recommendation


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